Artist Statement

My art has its roots
in an optimistic soul .

I believe each of us can make a difference and that difference has quantum impact. Art for me is not bound by canvas as creativity is not bound to one expression. My art is in media that are conventional, oil on canvas, and less common, architecture and urban design.  This is a unique blend of artistic experiences that influence one another.

Painting has remained as the defining media for me to capture the inner soul, reach for abstract concepts, challenge the present paradigm, remark on the inconsistent and push the ‘counter-point’ button.  We are a global entity more than ever before, the present is nothing like the past and the future is likely to be nothing close to what we imagine.  It is an exciting time to be an artist. Subjects are limitless.

Works are occasionally in series such as ‘Imagine Air’ or ‘Aerodrome’.  Or topics like climate change rendered as ‘Internal Combustion’, ‘Road’s End’ and ‘ Transport circa 1940’. More often, art will be formed from an idea that grows from an object.  The idea gives the object a past or personality and the painting gives it a presence and future and sometimes, a story.

Using art to bring ideas to the public radar is my modest step into the theory of quantum influence.


Deep down, I want my art to reach the
viewer interactively, thoughtfully and memorably.

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